I hold our environment and resources very close to my heart, as they bring joy, abundance, growth, cultural identity, and sustainability to our communities. Rivers are the lifeline, success, and well-being of our state. Without water, we have nothing. Without the stewardship of our natural resources, we cannot have sustainable economic growth. Without beautiful rivers, we cannot have a thriving tourism industry. Without a reliable supply and clean water, we cannot have a healthy community, and without updated infrastructure, we cannot continue to sustain and eventually grow.

The three points I want to focus on are:

Stewardship: Because there are so many stakeholders in the health of our water, New Mexico cannot grow without water; therefore, water management and policy that sustains growth are critical. There is a growing concern for drought and fires throughout our community. As these issues continue to steepen, it is essential to pay close attention to ensuring sustainable natural resource management, water security, and resources for public and private lands. I want to emphasize conservation, sustainability, and strong relationships with private and public, local, state, and federal agencies.

Outdoor Recreation and Tourism: New Mexico’s greatest assets are its natural beauty. I want to ensure clean rivers for outdoor recreation, careful water management, reuse projects, and updated infrastructure so that our bosque and parks remain a place to enjoy for our community and the beautiful animals and insects that live in and around it.

Education, Culture, and Community: New Mexico has a vast history of rivers and agriculture. We all rely on our groundwater and surface water, and therefore everyone is a vital stakeholder in its preservation and use. Because the cities aren’t the only population in our district, I believe it is essential to emphasize cohesive natural resource education, cultural practices, and community involvement in the city, pueblos, and rural communities.