The New Mexico Exodus…

In recent years, a trend has steadily been becoming more apparent to those who have been watching with a fearful eye. Young New Mexicans who are starting to age into their young 20’s are discovering themselves at an ultimatum. The ultimatum being either to remain home, here in New Mexico, near their families, at the cost of finding fulfillment or realizing their full potential, professionally. However, if they leave to states such as Texas or Arizona they find themselves in opportunity rich environments, where they can realize all that they have desired.

This is by no means our next generation’s fault. The fault lays at the hands of our progressive elected leaders who have not been able to maintain at a pace similar to that of our neighboring states, who have superseded us in opportunity creation.

This must end, or we will lose our state.

The only way to end this New Mexico Exodus is through the creation of opportunity, economically. Michaela is of mind that New Mexico has fallen victim to a whirlpool affect, in that there are no opportunities here for our young people, forcing them to leave while at the same time, one of the reasons commerce is fearful to invest in New Mexico is due to a lack of a healthy work pool to fill their job requirements.

It will take something drastic to end this perpetual cycle, because if not, New Mexico’s talent will continue to be poached by the likes of Texas and Arizona.