New Mexico ranks 50th in education.

When this ranking was released, this was a new low for our state and its educational system. This is rock bottom. This is unacceptable.

So, how do we solve the problem?

First, we must create options for parents. Michaela believes that New Mexico, as a state should commence an initiative to bring more charter, vocational, and tech programs within our public school system. At the same time, we must accept the fact that college is not meant for everyone and that is an acceptable mindset. Not everyone’s path is the same and because of that, New Mexico must begin to infuse additional avenues for young people to find success.

Creating and promoting trade schools throughout our state and in Bernalillo County will provide paths to success for those who do not wish to choose college. Through these trade schools, these young people will find incredible opportunity becoming an electrician, plumber, website developer, etc. All of which, have the potential for these young people to grow and develop into careers that produce six-digit figures in personal income.

Furthermore, we must begin the process of ending the Albuquerque Public School system as a whole and begin to divide it into multiple public school systems.

Like our Republic, that the needs of California and New York are not the needs of New Mexico and Idaho, the same is true for the current APS system. The needs of schools in certain areas may not necessarily be the needs of schools in different areas. Due to this reason, we must begin the process of dissembling this school system and establish multiple school systems that can best represent the needs of schools in a more targeted areas of the city.

Our children deserve better. We will be better.