I live in the heart of Albuquerque in the north valley. My husband and I wanted to ensure that our children knew the very beauty and essence of the north valley that both our families introduced us to as children. After having lived on the Westside of Albuquerque for over a decade it was time to get back to our roots. I work for my husband’s small business where we work with other small businesses each and every day.

I was born in Albuquerque and began my younger days living on the Westside on Atrisco overlooking the city. As I was entering middle school my family moved to the north valley where I spent my days learning about rhe importance of the acequias. I graduated from Sandia Prep in 2000. While I was close to obtaining my college degree, I decided to stop to raise my children.

My political journey began when I found myself advocating for my children’s education. From there I learned how important it was to get involved and not just by casting a vote. As our state began to change, I too wanted to be yet another statistic of exodus. Instead, I decided to try and become part of the solution and the change we direly need.

The people who represent us don’t, and I learned that quickly. That is why so many people are leaving. Our children don’t want to stay here. So many apply to out of state colleges. Our people who obtain trades here quickly learn that better opportunity lurks elsewhere in neighboring states.

As your next county commissioner, I will work tirelessly to ensure that we address the very issues that send our people away. When Crime, homelessness and education are fixed we can then offer better opportunities for our families and young people.

County Commissioner Duties and Responsibilities:

- County Legislative Body

- County Budget Approval

- Sub-Committee Responsibilities

1) Parks

2) Public Health

3) Safety etc.

- County Property Tax Determination

- County Advisory Board

1) Hospitals

2) Airports

3) Waste Management etc.